An intimate New York City wedding at City Hall - Ruby & Rob

What can I say about this wedding... wow.  It was an absolute dream come true to shoot a wedding in New York again.  I met Ruby & Rob at Ruby's brothers wedding last year (Chloe & Tom's rustic barn wedding) so I was delighted to be back with them for this wonderful intimate wedding with just their parents and Chloe & Tom attending.  

It was HOT on Monday.  Like 80 degrees hot.  (That's hot for April!)  And we walked ALL over the city! But despite my dodgy ankle, my exhaustion and my sweatiness.... it was worth every one of the 19.5k steps I did.  Because Ruby & Rob had such an amazing day.

I absolutely love that neither of them had been to New York before but still decided to get married there. They both had that childlike, excited, wide-eyed look of wonder about them that I had on my first visit... (and still do if I'm honest, for the first day at least).  

Quick itinerary rundown... subway to City Hall for the ceremony (90 seconds!)... walk to/on to Brooklyn Bridge... on to the subway again and over to the High Line and Urban Theatre... then back on the subway to Grand Central Station for eats in the food court and fancy drinks in The Campbell Apartment... then the Top of the Rock... and finally to Fig & Olive for a wonderful meal.   

Ruby & Rob... welcome home!  I hope you enjoy these previews and that they bring back the NYC feeling and your huge adventure in the big apple.  <3  xxx

A sunny winter Sandhole Oak Barn wedding - Julie & Dom

Finally... the first of many 2013 nuptials hits the blog,... and in serious style.  This is VERY popular wedding.  It was featured over on the fabulous Rock My Wedding and as if that wasn't exciting enough, you can now find it gracing the pages of the latest issue of Wedding magazine, out today!   So needless to say this is really an extra special one for me.  : )

I also had the amazing Jay Mountford second shooting, one of my BFFs and all round brilliant person and photographer.  Some of Jay's shots are included below and her favourites can be found on her blog.  THANK YOU JAY!  xxx

So Julie & Dom got married in February this year, on a perfect winter's day... with considerably less snow than on their engagement shoot and a beautiful sunset to boot.  It was really more like a spring day and Julie's flowers certainly screamed SPRING.  Beautiful blooms lady!  In fact beautiful everything.... a stunning one-of-a-kind dress, fabulous yellow shoes, lush bridesmaids dresses, delicious details and dapper suits for Dom and the boys.   The vinyl records table plan is I think my favourite to date.... a Fraggle Rock table for heaven's sake!

These guys are such a great couple, just up for fun all the time and so perfect for one another...  I have to admit to shedding a tear during the speeches. both from laughter at Julie's nephews amazing rap, and happy tears at the thought of the two of them heading off just a few weeks after the wedding to start their new life in New York City.  Jealous much?   I get regular messages popping up from Julie telling me how she's just off for a coffee and morning stroll through Central Park.... I could not be happier for you both, seriously.  Be seeing you out there for your 1 year anniversary shoot, yes?  ;-)

Huge congratulations, much love and every success for you both in your new jobs and life in the big apple.  xxxxx

"One can't paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt" ~ GEORGIA O'KEEFE

Back in September I was lucky enough to go to New York to shoot the wedding of one of my best friends.  It also meant I got to catch up and stay with my good friend Sue in Brooklyn, who I met via Flickr 5 years ago.  We actually met face-to-face one snowy day in 2009 in Manhattan, visited the Botanic Gardens and then met my husband in Harlem for chicken & waffles at Amy Ruth's.  It was a very random but totally brilliant day!  Since then Sue's been over here many times and back in 2010 we got to experience our first ever Thanksgiving (with Sue's family upstate) and our first Black Friday sale.  THAT was an experience I will never forget...  sat in the car at 4am in the pitch black, outside Target, still full of Thanksgiving dinner.  Madness.  Gave us mid-holiday jet lag. Anyway I had a day free before and after the wedding so we headed to Coney Island where I'd always wanted to go (sadly the Luna Park was closed) but it was just as I imagined.  We also went back there on my last night for dinner at Nathan's and then a stroll along the boardwalk to watch all the Coney Islanders dancing and listen to the DJ set that happens regularly down there.  Such an amazing atmosphere.... people from ALL walks of life, young and old, just dancing.  Utterly brilliant.  You can see more photos of DJ Ray and all the fantastic characters that go down to the boardwalk to dance on Sue's photography page -

The day after the wedding we hit the Top of the Rock as Sue had never done it and I never tire of the views.  Sue had to head home and finish packing as she was moving apartment so I wandered a little but I was drugged up on Advil and had a horrible cold and chest infection, I felt dreadful and eventually I hopped in a cab to Pershing Square to meet the wedding gang for a big farewell lunch before heading back to Brooklyn.  Mind you, seeing the Naked Cowboy did perk me up somewhat...

All in all another wonderful trip despite being ill and missing hubbo.... Nic & Sean's NYC wedding was amazing, I loved my precious time with Sue and as ever, NYC has left me wanting more...

New York City wedding photography - Nicola & Sean

It's no secret to most who know me that I love New York... since the first visit in 2009 I've been hooked.  So when my best friend decided she was getting married there, I pretty much hyperventilated.   This is one long post and I make no excuses.


I didn't have to think twice about a present at least... my gift to Nic & Sean was their wedding photography.  I knew they just wanted pure documentary photos but also knew with a few drinks consumed I'd be able to get a few of the two of them as well.  When I later found out that the wedding was taking place on a yacht on the Hudson River (and obviously I too was going to be drinking) I was a tiny bit concerned because I can be a little clumsy and accident prone!

As it turned out, my sea legs didn't let me down and I carried on taking photos well into the night despite Nicola telling me on many occasions to 'put it away and relax'... but that's the thing... I was relaxed.  I was with my friends in the greatest city on earth, a little on the tipsy side, doing what I loved.  Even the fact that I got a chest infection didn't bother me on the day and besides, it was entertaining listening to people do barking seal impressions whenever I tried to speak.

So the wedding day goes something like this... running from the hotel in torrential rain with my friend Sue from Brooklyn who was second shooting with me (doing that thing you see in movies where people hold an open newspaper over their heads to stop them getting wet, which I now know doesn't work) we hit McDonalds for breakfast.  Classy.  Then we head to The Kimberley hotel to meet the blushing bride and get all the prep shots.  I know Nic hates slushy stuff but I have never seen her look more beautiful than she did that day - even at the end of the night when the curls were dropping and the lippy had gone!  The stunning headpiece and cuff from my talented friend Vicky at Victoria Millesime catches my attention and I make a mental note to steal them after the ceremony when Nic isn't looking.

Once everyone's ready we ride the elevator (have to use the proper lingo) downstairs where cars are ready and waiting... we then sit in traffic for what feels like an eternity (conference season AND Obama was in town) and after many frantic texts back and forth to those onboard "We're comingggg - do not set sail" we eventually arrive at the yacht 'Destiny'.  The ceremony takes place with the brilliant Captain Bill and I cry a lot although I think Nic's sister Alison cries more.  Just.  : )  Sean and his brother and best man Liam make fantastic speeches and I cry some more.  We then set sail and drinks are served along with delicious food and even more delicious views of New York City.

We cruise around Manhattan for about 4 hours... there's music playing that Nic & Sean have put together including one request from every guest (lovely idea... although I only really remember Debaser and Rock Me Amadeus).... one big downpour hits us but it soon passes and nobody cares... it looks really dramatic with the buildings half covered in cloud... everyone is busy chit chatting out on deck as the Brooklyn Bridge passes overhead... wait, what?  Holy shit it's the Brooklyn Bridge!

It's all very surreal.  Wonderfully surreal.  Being there with friends I have known for years and all of Nic & Sean's families... in NYC, on the Hudson and they are finally married (well they HAD been together 12 years!).  Suddenly all too soon it's time to adjust to solid ground again - always fun when you've been drinking - before hitting a lovely Irish bar for Sean and the Irish contingent (and yet more food) and finally arriving back at the Kimberley and riding the elevator all the way to the roof.  'Upstairs at The Kimberley'.  Oh. My. Word.  This is the view with the conservatory on...

New York City wedding photographer_0010

It didn't rain again that day... and the conservatory came down... this made be extremely happy.  The Chrysler Building is my favourite bar none.  More shots below.

So from that point on we sang (Titanium - I hear that and I'm back there), we talked (well, I barked), we danced and Nic discovered the best espresso martini known to man.... it was quite simply one of the most special weddings I've ever had the pleasure to attend and shoot.  Guest and photographer is not always easy as you feel you aren't doing either particularly well... but it was totes worth it.

Thank you so much Sue for shooting with me on the day, and for looking after me in the Big Apple with hubbo back home in Blighty - anyone who loves photography and in particular black & white photography MUST must must check out Sue's Facebook page: Negra's Photography.  You won't be disappointed, her work is incredible!

And finally to Mr & Mrs Conway - it was AWESOME.  Congratulations again and much love.  xxxx


And finally... turn it up loud....