A beautiful Eymet wedding in the Dordogne region, South of France - Caroline & Conall

"C'e solo l'amore che mi da la forza di vivere! Allora vivi l'amore."  La Dolce Vita (1960) - Federico Fellini.

Why am I quoting an Italian film on this French wedding?  Well if you look closely at one of the shots you will see this quote.  That and the fact that it's really very lovely... "There is only love that gives me the strength to live! Then live love."

So I returned last night from my travels and I had the most wonderful time.  'Yes of course you did' I can hear you saying, '...it was France and it was beautiful and sunny and there's vineyards and fields of sunflowers and the bread/wine/cheese and and and....'.  And of course - for all those reasons I love France, adore the place,  but what made this trip special was Caroline & Conall and their nearest & dearest.  I fell completely head over heels in love with them all. 

I don't think I have ever felt more welcome than I did as Mary (Caroline's mum) greeted me at the door on Friday with a huge smile and a big hug.  We headed off to the local Mairie in Agnac for their intimate legal ceremony which was done by the local Mayor who was the sort of man you wish was your Grandfather... kind eyes, lovely smile. 

Once that was done it was all systems go for the wedding the following day which was to be a very personal ceremony in Eymet's beautiful Eglise de Notre Dame where they would be married again by a special priest, Caroline's Uncle who also married her parents and did her own christening.  That was followed by drinks at the very quaint Cafe de Paris and then back to Caroline's parents house, nestled among the cornfields, for the reception in a barn which they have spent the last year getting wedding-ready!

There were the two cutest page boys - the youngest was trying to look cross with me for taking his photo (I think) and inadvertently nailed 'blue steel'.  Amazing. 

Anyway Caroline & Conall are eagerly awaiting these images on their mini-moon so I will shut the f**k up. :)

THANK YOU guys!  For choosing me to document these special days for you, for trusting me entirely and for just being such an absolute pleasure to be around.  Love to you both and all your family and friends.  xxx

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A family affair at the Elegant Domaine, Dordogne, France - Emma & Simon

There's a French saying "Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux"... essentially 'rainy wedding, happy wedding' and that was certainly true for Emma & Simon's big day at Marry Me In France's (MMIF) Elegant Domaine. 

It didn't stop and you know what?  No one cared.  These guys are from Wales ffs!  They are made of tough stuff and they certainly weren't going to be phased by a bit of rain, even if it was the very end of May in the South of France.

This was a small intimate wedding of just 26 adults... many of whom grew up together and went to school together... and their collective 16 (ish!) children.  And it was wonderful.  

Emma & Simon, thank you for letting me share your day, for braving the rain (and risking hair frizz Emma!) and for making me feel so welcome.  Enjoy these previews - in which Simon has his eyes open mostly. Apart from the one where he's dancing with gay abandon... ;-)  xxx

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La Leotardie wedding, Dordogne, France - Lizzie & Chris

One thing I love about weddings in France is that the venues are so different.  Think you've seen one chateau/domaine you've seen them all?  Think again.  Domaine de la Leotardie almost has the feel of a Cotswolds cottage, just on a grander scale.  And the little dovecote in the garden that the bride & groom stay in is like something straight out of a fairytale. 

The sun shone, the rain POURED (thankfully, briefly) and long after the drinks and dinner, the thunder roared.  I drove back to my little home from home through the most spectacular storm!  Exhilarating and terrifying all at once! 

Lizzie & Chris - I loved being part of your day - it was beautiful and you were both so much fun to hang out with.  Your friends and family are wonderful (especially on the dancefloor!) and I will always fondly remember you both serenading the room along with the band. :)

I hope you are enjoying beautiful Bali - get yourselves a drink and enjoy these previews!  Lots of love. xxx

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Dordogne chateau wedding, Chateau de Fayolle, France - Joanna & David sneak previews

A beautiful chateau in the Dordogne region of France, a stunning hockey-loving bride and a handsome plumber-by-trade groom (relevant info, see if you can spot David's DIY), incredible weather, pom poms, dicky bows, a quick sneaky first look between the bride and groom, cornfields, an incredible croquembouche complete with fireworks and a dancefloor 'Thriller' en mass.  Quite simply one of the best weddings I've had the pleasure to shoot. Joanna & David.... congratulations!  What a day - wow.  You and all your friends & family were so lovely and welcoming, not to mention totally up for a good time.  Have a wonderful honeymoon in the South of France and we'll catch up when you return!  Lots of love. xxxx

An extra thank you to Janet, Gerry and the team at Chateau de Fayolle who looked after everyone, including me, like family.  Cannot wait to come back! xx

Dordogne Chateau du Fayolle wedding France_0043

Vineyard chateau destination wedding, Dordogne, France - Amy & Nic sneak previews

A vineyard chateau near the banks of the Dordogne river in France... the setting for Saturday's incredible wedding... the day Amy & Nic said 'I do'. From the first look which gave me goosebumps, the rain and thunderstorms that gave way to sunshine eventually and on to the dancefloor madness... it was a beautiful wedding and I cannot wait to share even more photos but for now, Mr & Mrs Peyrard, these will keep you going I hope.

I had the BEST time and I know for a fact that you and your guests did too because it was written over every face around me.  Thank you for making my job easy.  Much love. xxx

French wedding photography Dordogne_0029