A family affair at the Elegant Domaine, Dordogne, France - Emma & Simon

There's a French saying "Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux"... essentially 'rainy wedding, happy wedding' and that was certainly true for Emma & Simon's big day at Marry Me In France's (MMIF) Elegant Domaine. 

It didn't stop and you know what?  No one cared.  These guys are from Wales ffs!  They are made of tough stuff and they certainly weren't going to be phased by a bit of rain, even if it was the very end of May in the South of France.

This was a small intimate wedding of just 26 adults... many of whom grew up together and went to school together... and their collective 16 (ish!) children.  And it was wonderful.  

Emma & Simon, thank you for letting me share your day, for braving the rain (and risking hair frizz Emma!) and for making me feel so welcome.  Enjoy these previews - in which Simon has his eyes open mostly. Apart from the one where he's dancing with gay abandon... ;-)  xxx

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