A city chic wedding at Fulham Palace - Katie and Simon | London wedding photographer

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What do you get when you cross an outgoing, fun-loving bride with an emotionally repressed (his words, not mine!) groom who absolutely hates having his photo taken? Katie and Simon. The most gorgeous couple who got married at Fulham Palace on Saturday and invited me along to photograph it. 

London wedding photography

I LOVE a city wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of a glorious sunset, rolling hills and a couple strolling through an overgrown field, but I’ve got a soft spot for all things urban. Whizzing around in a black cab on the way to/from the wedding, well wishes from passers by and finding hidden corners for photographs. Plus hanging out in London is always fun.  I managed to meet up with two of my couples who are getting married in Italy and also meet friends for Sunday brunch at Maltby Street market. Happy Claire!

I knew I was in for a real belter of a day when I arrived on Saturday and Katie’s Dad, Kevin, was busy making the girls French 75 cocktails (which I now know is champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup topped with a squeezed lemon rind). This was my kind of bride prep.

Katie also gets the award for my most chilled out bride of the year - possibly ever. But then I suspect a wedding is a walk in the park when you’re an A&E doctor! I’m pretty sure she didn’t stop smiling/laughing once all day. 

Fulham Palace wedding photography

A location doesn’t make a wedding… the people do… (I know I know, cheesy AF, but true). However, there’s something about a ceremony in a place jam-packed with history that I love. Imagine all the life that Fulham Palace has seen and the stories it has played a part in… and now it marks the beginning of a new chapter in Katie and Simon’s lives. It also makes a pretty incredible backdrop to a wedding day.

Confetti was a highlight, we all gathered in the Tudor courtyard and, due to the 140 guests, made Simon and Katie take an epic walk around the fountain and back to the sound of cheering as they were showered in colourful petals (some thrown directly into Katie’s face - “thanks cuz!”) .

After a handful of group shots with close family and one of the best “wedding squads” we sent them back to the fizz and canapes while the three of us went to do some quick couple portraits. I was given the key to Fulham Palace’s walled garden - a proper key too, you know one of those massive ones? An absolutely beautiful hidden oasis with a pretty church in the background and a beautiful old apple tree. It felt like a million miles from any city.

Then after dinner and some brilliant speeches it was time to party. I knew these two would be doing things differently. Forget a first dance, instead the (INCREDIBLE) band kicked into action even before the cake cut was complete - Hall and Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True” blasted out and Katie and Simon dove into the crowd for a mass danceathon. 

Katie and Simon, you utter legends. You may have made me work my arse off during the portraits Simon but I love a challenge and you were worth it! Seriously though, what a day, what a dancefloor, what a couple! I loved every second. 


Venue - Fulham Palace 

Dress - Laure de Sagazan

Shoes - Jimmy Choo

Flowers - Pesh Flowers

Band - Izzy Chase wedding band