Michelle & Mark’S SUMMER WEDDING AT Villa di Ulignano | Tuscany Wedding Photographer

The sound of Michelle’s laughter echoing all around the villa… the looks she and Mark shared between them… the photobombing cat… the group singalong to Wonderwall as everyone surrounded Michelle & Mark on the dancefloor… only having one group shot… the tear jerking speech by Mark’s Dad… the amazing mille feuille cake created right in front of our eyes (and demolished in half the time)… see photos for the full story.

Michelle & Mark - you are the most wonderful couple, anyone can see how deeply in love you are and it was just such a magical day from start to finish. Thank you for having me along to tell your story. xxx

Where: Volterra, Tuscany, Italy Venue: Villa di Ulignano Planner: Chiara Sernesi, Weddings in Tuscany Videographer: Philip White Hair/make-up: Jenn Edwards & Co Band: Brightlights

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