A New York City anniversary shoot in the West Village - Chloe & Tom

I <3 NY

I really do... so getting to spend 8 days there shooting weddings was just incredible.  The weather was beautiful and I'm a little bit in love with New York in the springtime.  I've only ever been in winter and once in autumn and whilst I love the snow/autumn colours, I think spring is my new favourite.  

Chloe and Tom were out for Ruby & Rob's NYC wedding and as it's almost a year since their beautiful rustic barn wedding we decided to do a little anniversary shoot.  We had breakfast, we strolled and we chatted, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful surroundings.  It was just so lovely to see them both again and the West Village is one of my favourite parts of Manhattan (and a welcome break from the craziness of Midtown/Times Square where my hotel was - never again!). 

Until next time New York.  Chloe & Tom, same time next year? xx

A sunset love shoot, Sydney - Jen & Ben

Jen found me on Instagram... she wanted a shoot with her beau, Ben, as he's in the RAAF and is being deployed again soon. The timings coincided thankfully and we were able to meet up last Sunday, a beautiful chilly winter's day in Sydney.  Well, it was chilly for them, just pleasant for me - and Jen is Irish but she has obviously acclimatised!

We spent a lovely few hours wandering around Circular Quay, shooting, chatting, drinking... trying to avoid the numerous people playing bloody Pokemon (which meant we found Sydney's smallest beach) and successfully dodging the seagull poop.  Go us!

Jen & Ben, it was SO lovely to meet you both and hang out for the afternoon.  Keep in touch.  Here are some previews!  Enjoy your weekend away in the Blue Mountains - not at ALL envious!  xxx

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In my haste to finally get my best of 2014 blog post up I failed to check that all the photos had uploaded.  This website system is all new to me (I miss Wordpress for blogging!) and for some reason it's not showing them all. 

Easiest fix is to post them here so I'm sorry if you thought I had left you out of my highlights! 

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Paris engagement shoot - Danielle & Scott previews

At the end of November I was lucky enough to shoot a Paris engagement shoot for this gorgeous pair.  I hadn't been for over 15 years so to say I was excited was an understatement.  I stayed in a little hotel in Monmartre, just around the corner from the Moulin Rouge and the Cafe de 2 Moulins which any fan of Amelie will know all about.  The hotel had a little courtyard garden and as I went to go to my room all I could hear was the sound of a local resident playing the most beautiful music on their violin.  I sat there for a good 20 minutes.  It couldn't really have BEEN any more Parisian.  I was in heaven.

It's an extra special place for Danielle & Scott (it's where he popped the question) and they visit often enough that Danielle actually knows her around Paris better than she does London!  We spent a day and a half exploring and covered a fair amount of ground but of course, there was so much we didn't get to do but I think you would need a week!

On day two we were also joined by the wonderful Vicky Farr MUA who was living and working in Paris for a month.  It was SO lovely to finally meet you Vicky!  I'm so glad you had time to spend the day with us, it was fantastic.  (Sorry most of these previews are from day one but there will be more!)

D&S... thank you for bringing me out to Paris, for showing me some of the most beautiful parts of the city and for generally being fantastic to work with (namely, not telling me where to go when I asked you to lie on the floor in the lobby of the apartment block you were staying in) and brilliant company.  I'm so excited for the wedding!  xxxx