Waterfall Gardens wedding, Siggiewi, Malta - Jade & Reuben

Malta wedding photographer Jade Britain's Next Top Model winner.jpg

Quite often in this job I have to pinch myself.  Malta a couple of weeks ago was another one of those times.  

Not only because it's a beautiful island and venue... but the fact that I got to shoot the wedding of these two gorgeous people. I met Jade & Reuben at Ruby & Ash's wedding.  I was REALLY trying not to fan-girl too hard but I used to watch Britain's Next Top Model and from the very beginning of cycle 7 I was rooting for Jade to win... and those of you who recognise those distinctive freckles will know that's exactly what she did.

I had just started shooting weddings then (2011) and I can remember thinking I'd bloody LOVE to shoot her wedding.  So thank you universe or fate or whatever it was that brought us together.   I owe you one. 

The Waterfall Gardens at the Limestone Heritage Park are totally breathtaking... it's like something from a movie set.  (The less said about the journey there the better - I'm fully expecting a speeding ticket or two through the post and I'm amazed I got the hire car back without a scratch - Maltese drivers are mad bastards) 

Jade's beautiful beaded Art Couture dress was perfection with the lace-edged veil, the bridesmaids all looked incredible in a mix of mint and baby blue gowns and Reuben and the boys just looked cool as all hell. 

They said their vows in front of all their loved ones and a strangely water-less waterfall on their 10th anniversary (to the day!) and as they had their first kiss as husband & wife, the waterfall sprang into life.  Cue applause and excited gasps all around.  Not me obviously.  I was cool as a cucumber.  *clears throat* Obviously. 

Anyway these are just a small handful of my favourites from the day. 

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