A stylish barn wedding, The Ashes in Staffordshire - Ruby & Ashley

A ridiculously good looking bride and groom (seriously!)... a one of a kind dress that Ruby designed herself... lots of men in uniform... two beautiful barns... a Morris Minor and one of the hottest first kisses EVER.  *fans self*  

Thursday was epic. 

Ruby & Ashley - thank you for being so sweet, so much fun and for traipsing into a wet field for me.  :)  Have an incredible honeymoon and we'll catch up soon.  Much love. xxx

Quick shout out to Papertwin Weddings who rocked the video and kept me company on the day and the gorgeous Strange Case Collective gals who did another awesome photo booth.   <3   And of course to the gorgeous Steph and her team at the Ashes - wonderful as always!

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