A beautiful outdoor wedding at Preston Court, Canterbury - Sophie & Ross

When Sophie first got in touch I was SO excited... she told me so much about her & Ross that I knew we would get along ("I thought he was a bit of player and he thought I was posh. We're neither of those things!") and then I heard their plans for the day at the beautiful Preston Court, a venue I had been dying to shoot at for a long time.  

"We were recently discussing if we could make a Willy Wonka dessert table with a working chocolate river running through it... we'll see if that happens!"  

Well folks, it did... complete with lickable wallpaper, Wonka bars (sadly all gone by the time I could even get close!) and of course, a golden ticket.  All made lovingly by these two talented humans.  It was simply amazing.  Another highlight was the 'ginger top trumps' on the tables including sections such as 'Level of gingerness' and 'Likeness to Ross'.  :)

From the beautiful and emotional outdoor ceremony to the Jewish dancing at the party... it was an incredible day (quick shout out to the uber talented Shutterbox Films who are always great company). Here are just a few of my favourites.  

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