Ciara & Gerard's beautiful wedding in Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy

I had been looking forward to this wedding for months, I knew it was gong to be something special and boy, was it.  The incredible setting... 'twinkle town' Santa Maria di Castellabate, the bloody wonderful people... Ciara & Gerard and their friends and family, and the one and only Julie from My Secret Italy...  effortlessly (although I know how hard she works) waving her magic wand over everything, creating the most perfect day.  

We did a quick whistle-stop sunset shoot the night before the wedding, driving around Santa Maria in, frankly, the best car ever... cue PDAs, puddles and pissing off a couple of locals when we stopped in a side street briefly (had to be done though Gerard!). 

The day was amazing... starting with a proper wet shave for the boys with the most Italian looking (and possible ex porn star) dude ever, prep with Ciara (the calmest bride I've ever known!) and the girls, being led through the streets by a mandolin and guitar player, climbing the tower for a ceremony with the most spectacular views, all the readings from family members/friends, LOADS of confetti, delicious gelato from local legend 'Baffo', locals-a-plenty (a few even had teeth) kissing the couple and wishing them well, a reception and party at the beach that was like something out of a movie (well, it reminded me of 50 First Dates anyway), an absolutely fantastic band, incredible fireworks, dancing, singing into beer bottles (YES) and a lot of laughter, tears and love. 

Ciara & Gerard - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with you both and your loved ones. It will always be very special to me and I hope you will always be able to remember how special it was for you when you look through the photos.  Speak soon guys, lots of love. xxxx

I am already missing Santa Maria.  Roll on September and The Secret Retreat workshop!

Julie & Emilie - the My Secret Italy dream team - THANK YOU for looking after me!  Love you both. xxxx       

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