Jessica & Ilka's ridiculously stylish wedding at home in Carlisle, Cumbria

Stylish wedding at family home Carlisle_0020.jpg

I walked up the path to Jessica's gran's house in the drizzle and I knew that no matter what, this was going to be a special day.  It was a beautiful home, filled with memories... the old tile on the door of the room where Jess was getting ready... 'Kerry's Room'... her Mum's old bedroom when she was a girl.  (And I had a HUGE nostalgia rush at the sight of that as I had one exactly the same on my bedroom door growing up). 

The church, sadly soon to be closed, is where Jess was christened and where her own parents got married 33 years ago (I hope my memory serves me right). 

That flash of blue you'd occasionally catch a glimpse of at the back of Jessica's dress?  One of her Grandad's old shirts... he died a few years ago.  He was her something blue.  And he also inspired the wonderful Citroen wedding cars as he used to race them back in the day! 

Last but not least, Jessica's man, Ilka.  One of the loveliest guys (with the bluest eyes - swoon) you could ever wish to meet.  Being the owner of the best bar in Carlisle (Thin White Duke - get your arses down there - subtle plug!) he wasn't going to let this wedding go by without a kick ass bar serving a huge selection of amazing cocktails, delicious food and a brilliant soundtrack.

(Also see the incredible Suzanne Neville dress - Jess met the lady herself - peep toe Choos, the most gorgeous blooms everywhere, a Pinterest worthy cake if ever I saw one, a pretty anklet garter-alternative, tin cans on the car, mixing decks, a mobile pizza oven and of course THAT wallpaper!)

Guys, I loved it, all of it... it was SO beautiful and you were both a joy.  Thank you.  Have an amazing honeymoon and don't work too hard before you go. Lots of love. xxx

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