Victoria & Danny's stylish Manchester Town Hall wedding

I have learned that if there's ever a mini festival outside the venue you should definitely gatecrash it with your couple.  Vicky has learned that she does a pretty good 'scared face' when confronted by a zombie and Danny has learned that red lipstick is a bitch to get off.  (Top tip for grooms - keep wet wipes on hand).

What a day!  THE most beautiful bride... that stunning dress... those red lips... the super cute bridesmaids (young and old(er!))... a balloon table plan... Manchester Town Hall and its incredible neo-gothic (thanks Wikipedia) architecture... Levi Roots singing really loud about sauce at Grillstock to try and get everyone's attention...  the crowd all waving up at Vicky instead who was watching from a window (sorry Mr Roots, but just LOOK at her)... the smell of barbecued meat... that zombie. 

Vicky & Danny - thank you for being up for anything, I had an absolutely brilliant time with you both!  Hope honeymoon #1 was wonderful and enjoy #2 with the girls. Lots of love. xxx

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