An intimate London pub wedding at Paradise by way of Kensall Green - Emily & James

Girl checks Tinder.  Boy arrives in Seattle from the UK.  Boy also checks Tinder (he says, because he doesn't know anyone yet).  One week later they meet up.  She thinks he's a bit keen having only been in the US for one week.  

He wins her over.  

The rest is history. 

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be part of Emily & James' beautiful, laid back, intimate wedding... bursting to the rafters with love and laughter (and yes, I am aware I sound like a cliche fucking motivational poster).  But it WAS.  Emily's family flew over from Seattle and went adventuring around Ireland and Scotland en route to London and James' family travelled down from Newcastle and that was it.  Just their families, the two of them, and me. 

The ceremony was wonderful... officiated by Emily's brother-in-law and with no official start time... (Emily: "We'll just get there when we get there")... they said their vows in the most beautiful room... in 'Paradise'... and I'm pretty sure everyone, including me, cried.  

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