An Aussie/Yorkshire wedding at Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire - Alyssar & Stephen

I am blessed to work with amazing couples every year and lucky enough that some of them end up becoming friends.  When I first chatted to Alyssar & Steve on Skype we hit it off right away and I mentioned that I was over in Sydney for a wedding and said we should meet up.  They insisted that they were taking me out for dinner and it was one of the highlights of my trip... we went to this beautiful little tapas place and had a brilliant night just chatting and laughing and eating... and laughing... and eating.  

Fast forward to their wedding a couple of weeks back - it was so good to see them both again - cue hugs and smiles all round.  I was basically a guest, sat on the best table (naturally - hello table buddies!) and generally one of the gang.  I can't tell you how welcoming and just damn bloody lovely Alyssar & Steve are. It was an absolutely wonderful day - amazing bridesmaids (thanks for the perfume!), groomsmen, family and friends, a wonderful celebrant and truly lovely setting.  Plus it's always a bonus to get to catch up with talented industry pals like the one and only Jenn Edwards & Co hair and make-up who did an incredible job as always.  

I was so touched when a card arrived yesterday (points for the most organised newlywed go to you Alyssar - posting it whilst on/before your honeymoon!). It reads:

Dearest Claire, A giant THANK YOU, we are so thrilled that you were able to be a part of our wedding day.  Not only because we do think that you are the most wonderful photographer in the world, you're unparalleled. When we first saw your photos online we were blown away.  BUT ALSO - when we met we felt we made a friend and we are so happy that we have been able to share this experience with someone like you. You are a ray of sunshine, a bloody talent and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  From the sneak peeks we've seen so far our jaws have been dragging on the floor and we've been giggling - all in excitement. "HOLY COW, IS THAT US?!" we keep saying! You are an absolute master.  Alyssar & Steve xxx  #PENN-OMENAL  ;-)  P.S. You'll always have a 2nd home in Sydney - don't forget!! <3

*sniff*  Thank you. 

So Nareys... get yourselves a couple of fresh drinks from the bar, raise one on my behalf and enjoy these previews.  I'll be seeing you again I hope.  Lots and lots of love. xxxx

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