Intimate hand fasting, a boathouse & Moroccan tipi party - Katinka & Al

Katinka & Al got in touch just 3 weeks before their wedding and as soon as I read Katinka's beautifully written enquiry I KNEW I had to squeeze them in!

"We met by chance or perhaps the stars were all aligned for that moment of synchronicity. Venue: pub (not what you may think, early evening and barely a sip had from first pint).  Girl waits for late friend, her once fictional fantasy starts to materialise as tall dark handsome man walks up and asks to take one of the adjacent seats while he too awaits late friend.  Cupid's arrow strikes... further synchronicity later on, but we'll spare you the longer version (she likes to recount the blow by blow version with the twists and turns while he's for the short abridged - basically he leaves out the juicy bits). He's just taken a job as a stonemason on the island of Iona. She arrives some weeks later on the 1 by 3 mile island to a tiny hut (shed might be the less romantic description) with a suitcase, some art materials, a dog and much trepidation.

'I don't know how long I'm staying, shall we just see how it goes?'

As the Iona winds blew stronger into the winter months the couple were swept up into a whirl of romance that could not be blown away...  They left the island (not enough choice of pubs) and she managed to take a Scot south of the border to her Cumbrian homeland. Fast forward to today where the stars aligned to enchant, enrich (and exhaust) us with a fab 2 year old little girl called Orla.  The moral of the story: never ditch a friend for being late - wondrous things may come of it...."

From the intimate legal ceremony and lunch at a beautiful boathouse on the edge of a misty Lake Ullswater which I was privileged to share, to the humanist ceremony & hand fasting in the garden of Katinka's family home (under a beautiful yew tree) and the party in the most beautiful Moroccan marquee... it was an incredible day. 

Also?  These two have some serious style - to say I was obsessed with their shoes would be an understatement - as you will see from the numerous photos.  Al's suit was 'tweed but not too tweedy', exactly as he had wanted and Katinka's Alexander McQueen dress was so simple and SO perfect. 

Oh and Blue the dog looking sheepish?  That would be right after he had a nibble or two out of the wedding cake.

Katinka & Al - thank you for finding me and convincing me to shoot your wedding - it didn't take much.  I had the most wonderful day with you both , with your beautiful daughter and all your friends and family.  I hope you had a wonderful mini-moon in Whitby.  xxx

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