Fillion... Nathan Fillion... ACTUAL Nathan Fillion...

As a wedding photographer I get to work with a LOT of wonderful people. 

Wayne & Jess were right up there from the get-go... "we are non-douchey". An important pre-requisite. 

So when they sent me the email confirming that they would love me to be their wedding photographer and it was accompanied by a Nathan Fillion slideshow set to 'Sexy and I know it', well I thought that was very cool indeed.  They'd read my website bio. I love the man, ever since Firefly.

This morning I opened their latest email which read "We wanted to send you the attached video from Jessica and our wedding planner. They scouted a shooting location that we think will work nicely for the pre-wedding shoot."

I saw Jess' beautiful face and then the camera shifted and for a split second I thought 'Wow... Wayne REALLY looks like Nathan Fillion.. awkward'.

THANK YOU Jess... and Wayne... and of course, Nathan.   I have no more words right now.