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Because you love my work…photography is a very personal thing and every wedding photographer has a different style.  Mine is relaxed - so if you have a long list of must have shots for me to tick off as I go then I'm probably not the photographer for you.  Why?  Because while doing that I'd miss all the real stuff happening right in front of me.  That’s why it’s so important to choose a wedding photographer whose style fits your vision for the day, however grand or intimate.. Got a gut feeling that’s me?  Brilliant news... let’s talk!


I give GREAT experiences… I was a regional finalist for the North West Photographer of the Year at the Wedding Industry Awards 2014. And that’s not just another awards ceremony – because only the people that booked me for their own wedding could vote for me to win the award. People had to love their experience with me to bother to vote. READ what they had to say!


Care and attention…I’m not a soulless professional just providing a service. Couples pick me because I’m very human. I really care about them and want to make them feel well looked after and supported throughout the wedding experience. Because I take the time to know every couples’ plans, I can adapt to any changes on the day to capture what you really want. I’m calm and unflappable, so you can just relax and enjoy yourselves.


Careful and artistic editing of your images…I don’t release anything to you that hasn’t been perfected by me first. I control the editing process to give you consistency throughout your entire set of images. Couples come to me because they love the fresh, contemporary feel to my photography – so you won’t find selective colour here.  No sir, no way.  And if you’ll miss having a hazy “Vaseline” vignette, best move along.


Bespoke album design…I was there on the day, so I can tell that story better than anyone else and help you make the choices that recreate the day the way you want to remember it. I design your Fine Art wedding album from first page to last. No two albums are ever the same, because no two weddings are either.


Security and peace of mind…I know you don’t want to bother with the unsexy stuff, so leave that to me. I have a back-up camera body that comes with me on the wedding day. I stash my bag with plenty of spare memory cards and batteries. I take extra care to back-up your wedding photographs a number of times until the images and wedding album are safely in your happy hands. I’m also fully insured for both professional indemnity and public liability and am an active member of The Guild of Photographers. I can’t be creative and fully capable on the day unless I’ve prepared and planned months in advance.


And most importantly…I want to compliment and capture your day, not disrupt it. I’m not going to be up in your face, bellowing orders at your guests and annoying them. It’s one of the biggest days of your life – the last thing you need is a big ego directing every movement and moment. I’m friendly, approachable and just bossy enough to get a handful of group shots done quickly so you have more time to relax.  Above all, I’m very happy to be there with you. This is not the 9 – 5 I’m turning up for. It’s the thing I love to do most.