"We come to love not by finding the perfect person...but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" — Sam Keen

You’re not strait-laced or formal. And I know you’re not planning a day based on what you SHOULD be doing just because that’s how it’s always been done. So even though my photography is all about storytelling, I don’t follow a script either. You’re individual and the story I tell for you reflects that.

You’re looking forward to a day of heartfelt emotion, laugh-till-you-cry moments, and those little details that mean so much to you both.

And because it’s so special to you, it is incredibly important to me too. You get my full attention, from the first sip of fizz in the morning, to the sparkling moves on the dance floor later at night. Your friends REALLY know how to celebrate and there’s nowhere in the world they would rather be than with you both on your wedding day. I’ll be right there, in amongst them, capturing the fun from the inside out.

The Lead-up

I want to know all about your plans. Not just because I want to be fully prepared on the day, but because I’m actually interested in what lights you up and makes you both smile. I LOVE the details too, the personal touches, what you’ll both be wearing, the flowers you have or haven’t chosen yet. And when your guests hear the first few bars of your first dance song, I’ll already know why you chose it and what it means to you. Not just the what, but the why. When I know you better, I will do a better job.

Whatever makes your life easier, whether in person or over the phone, we’ll have a good chat before the wedding to make sure we’re telling your story from the same page.

The Big Day

Because we hopefully know each other better by now, the photographs I take will get behind the surface of your wedding day to show the emotion beneath it. Your friends will feel like there’s just another member of the gang there with you on the day – so they’ll trust me to capture them as they really are. Guests relax around me. No stiff smiles and awkward glances – it’s all big laughs and huge hugs. I’m there when parents see you for the first time, when you both finally set eyes on each other, dressed up to the nines and feeling fabulous, walking up the aisle, whispering hellos, saying “I do” loud and proud. I’m there all the way, for each part of the celebration and all the laughter that follows.

The Honeymoon Period

Whilst you’re still smiling at the newness of being someone’s wife or husband, I’ll be busy backing up your photographs and creating your much anticipated 'previews' blog post - a taster of what's to come and something you can show people whilst you await the full monty!  You don't get all of the photos straight away... the editing really does take time and is done with a huge amount of care and attention.  I'm a perfectionist!  

So within 12 weeks of your wedding, your photographs will be ready and waiting in your password protected online gallery - it's usually much sooner but very much depends on the time of year.  There will be a guest gallery for you to share with friends and family (it even looks great on a mobile!) and then your client access gallery where you can access and download all of your images in high resolution (to print and hang around the house!) as well as web ready, watermarked versions for you to share on Facebook and tag your friends in. 

My aim is always to make sure that when you look through your images, you feel everything all over again. Completely reliving the day, but this time better.  Because I caught the glances you didn’t see, the dance floor moves you missed, and the kisses and hugs between friends and family who got together, all together, for the first time in forever.  All for you two.