Trafalgar Park wedding, Salisbury - Jen & Stephen sneak previews


Saturday's wedding was at the very elegant and grand Trafalgar Park in Downton (!) near Salisbury... and there wasn't a zombie in sight (this is where they filmed the end of '28 days later').   Jen's family had all travelled over from Malaysia, many for the first time ever, and one point I think they were ALL in the bride's room whilst she was getting ready... it was crazy!  But I LOVED it.   There was even a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. It was a wonderful day, full of love and laughter and plenty of emotion (Jen's Mum made a beautiful speech)... all topped off with a spectacular fireworks display that Jen organised for Stephen as a surprise - and managed to keep it that way.  Big thanks to the lovely Laura Dale for coming along to second shoot!

Jen & Stephen, wishing you a wonderful honeymoon!  Catch up when you get back and enjoy these previews!  xxx


The Ashes wedding, Staffordshire - Steph & Chris sneak previews

The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0050
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0050

Well as usual I've posted way too many previews but hey, it's hard to choose when you have a couple and a wedding as beautiful as this.  I love these guys and their friends and family - despite initially feeling a bit rotten being full of cold, I had the BEST time with you all... rapping & twerking (them not me), renditions of the Fresh Prince theme tune, WINEGATE (sorry again Seb, hope I'm still forgiven), many giggles with the very lovely Laura Jane Dale (videographer extraordinaire) and the gorgeous girl who thought my business card said Claire P0rn Photography and suggested a rebrand.   What a day!

Chris aka 'the natural' - you excelled yourself in front of the camera and Steph, you looked absolutely exquisite!   Between you?  Utterly RIDICULOUS.   Thank you for being brilliant fun, have a happy happy honeymoon and see you when you get back!  Love & hugs xxxxx

The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0001
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0002
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0003
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0004
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0005
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0006
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0007
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0010
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0008
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0047
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0047
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0011
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0012
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0013
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0014.1
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0014.2
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0014.2
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0015
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0016
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0017
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0018
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0019
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0020
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0021
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0022
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0024
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0025
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0026
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0027
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0028
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0029
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0030
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0032
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0033
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0034
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0035
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0036
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0037
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0038
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0039
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0040
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0041
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0042
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0043
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0044
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0045
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0048
The Ashes wedding photography Staffordshire_0048

Village fete style wedding, Gladstone's Library, North Wales - Lucy & Phil sneak previews

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness -  William Ewart Gladstone

Quirky_marquee_wedding_North_Wales_Chester (35)

It's hard to really put into words how incredible Saturday was... I have probably never laughed or cried so much.  The ceremony was lead by Lucy's Godmother (and quite possibly the first female Bishop to perform a marriage ceremony in Great Britain) and that fact, along with the hauntingly beautiful choir from Lucy's school made it incredibly moving.  Both me and my second shooter, none other than the fabulous Andrea Ellison, were a bit of a mess by the end, along with most of the guests.

Then there was the location of the village fete style wedding reception - Gladstone's Library.  Somewhere less than a few miles from where I grew up and yet had never been, until Saturday.  And somewhere that Lucy was lucky enough to grow up and call home (well, the house in the grounds).

There were so many wonderful details... the bright coloured hand-cut confetti made by the beautiful bridesmaids, the little bags of bread given out to everyone so they could feed the ducks at the pond just round the corner from the church, the black cabs as wedding cars (best ever in my book), all the village fete style games (hook a duck, splat the rat, tin can alley, lucky dip, skittles, hula hoops), the handmade origami cranes, pom-poms, pies, a cake of cheese and a bouncy castle... I could go on.   OH... and an awesome flash-mob first dance to Farrell's 'Happy'.

And finally, the people.  Every last one.  I bumped into Judith, a dear friend to my Mum before she passed away, and someone I've not seen in over 20 years.  Also Carol the lovely Cheshire registrar was there on a rare Saturday off - and I once again told her that she married me & Mr P.  Apologies Carol!  : )   And of course the rest of the friends and family - all totally brilliant.  I would in fact like to steal all of Lucy & Phil's friends but in particular the bridesmaids who just made me smile all day long.  Oh and for Helen (Lucy's Mum) to please adopt me.

Which just leaves Lucy & Phil... two of the most chilled out, warm, lovely and fun people you could ever wish to meet.  This was without doubt one of my favourite weddings because of... well... everything.  So, THANK YOU both for choosing me to be your photographer.   I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon, enjoy these previews and we'll catch up soon.  Lots of love guys.  xxxx

The Great Hall at Mains wedding, Poulton-le-Fylde - Rebecca & Gary previews

Sunday was beautiful... everything about it.  The venue, the bride, the Stuart Parvin gown, the shoes, the church, the guests, even the weather... you get the idea.  :)   It was also FUN.  Fish & chips, Jenga, Cole Page doing his thing during the meal.  Non stop!    The star of the show for me though was Grandad Bob - every time he spoke (or sang - 'My Girl'... gulp) the room would be in tears.  Such a lovely man - seeing his proud face walking his granddaughter Rebecca down the aisle was wonderful. Rebecca & Gary - congratulations!  I hope San Francisco is sunny and wonderful and that the rest of your trip is too.  Thank you for a fabulous day, I hope you love these previews!  xxxx


Coworth Park wedding, Ascot - Sally & Scot sneak previews

An intimate ceremony in a meadow and 5 course lunch with just their nearest and dearest and then late afternoon drinks and food with more friends and family and a party until the wee small hours.  It was a beautiful day and Coworth Park was the perfect setting.   After lunch Scot surprised Sally with a (frankly EPIC) video he'd made, telling her where they were going on their honeymoon - too many places to list!  It was emotional.  For both of them and for me!

Team S&S - thank you for choosing me to capture your special day... I loved being a part of it and your friends and family are all bloody lovely!  You were both so relaxed and fun and I was a bit sad to leave on Sunday truth be told!   Have an amazing honeymoon (Sally you definitely need at least 3 or 4 new dresses!) and we'll catch up when you return from your adventure. Hope you like these previews. xxx

Coworth_Park_wedding_Ascot_ (37)