Michelle & Mark’S SUMMER WEDDING AT Villa di Ulignano | Tuscany Wedding Photographer

The sound of Michelle’s laughter echoing all around the villa… the looks she and Mark shared between them… the photobombing cat… the group singalong to Wonderwall as everyone surrounded Michelle & Mark on the dancefloor… only having one group shot… the tear jerking speech by Mark’s Dad… the amazing mille feuille cake created right in front of our eyes (and demolished in half the time)… see photos for the full story.

Michelle & Mark - you are the most wonderful couple, anyone can see how deeply in love you are and it was just such a magical day from start to finish. Thank you for having me along to tell your story. xxx

Where: Volterra, Tuscany, Italy Venue: Villa di Ulignano Planner: Chiara Sernesi, Weddings in Tuscany Videographer: Philip White Hair/make-up: Jenn Edwards & Co Band: Brightlights

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A beautiful, laid back Masseria Montenapoleone wedding in Puglia, Italy (with first look!) - Claire & Will

I have been DYING to blog these previews but I headed straight off across Italy from this wedding to The Secret Retreat and had no time at all. 

This was such an incredible wedding and it was in the most perfect setting... being back at Masseria Montenapoleone I felt pure joy with a tinge of sadness because the guys from the workshop last year weren't there. Apart from one. I was lucky enough to have my beautiful friend Lucy Woodrow Photography with me to help out.  Thank you. xxx

Claire & Will found me online and we'd only met briefly for a rather rushed coffee at Euston Station but when I saw them the day before the wedding it was honestly like catching up with friends. We chatted by the pool, beers in hand, and I met all of their loved ones who had travelled from all over the world to be there. 

That's what made the wedding (and I'm sure the days that followed) extra special, having everyone there... even baby Ari - just 7 weeks old so many of the family hadn't even met her.  I will admit to getting a bit of a lump in my throat when Claire said 'this is probably the only time we will ALL be together". 

And then Ari unleashed a 'punami'... and let's just say that Claire's beautiful mum won't be eating pesto in a hurry. :)

The wedding itself was perfection... the stunning Eliza Jane Howell dress, the room where Claire and her friends got ready - a cave FFS!, the first look (absolutely NO dry eyes) among the citrus trees, Claire & Will walking down the aisle together to be married by Claire's dad, Will's younger brother playing the piano as they made their way in (he practiced solidly for 6 months), the incredible brass band who walked everyone back up from the ceremony grotto, the wonderful food (always a highlight at Masseria Montenapoleone), Claire wanting so badly to get into the olive grove that she didn't even think twice about climbing the wall in her frock... and of course, Will's EPIC dancing.

A quick thank you to Giuliano and the team, especially Doriana, for looking after me & Lucy and keeping us hydrated!  We love you and will be back.

Claire & Will - what can I say... I'm sad it's over, I could have done it all over again the next day, even in that heat.  Thank you both for being so relaxed and trusting me implicitly, it was so much fun and I kinda missed you the next day!  I hope you love these previews.  Speak soon, much love xxx

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Laid back hilltop villa wedding at Casa Bruciata, Umbria, Italy - Holly & Richard

Saturday's wedding was all kinds of wonderful.  A stunning Italian villa in the Umbria hills, breathtaking views, perfect weather, seriously lovely people, cute kids, incredible Italian food including the mille feuille wedding cake (drool) and an oh so elegant Pronovias dress with a back to die for... 

I had an absolutely brilliant day and also got to work with the very lovely Samantha Kay Photography again as she came along to second shoot.  We even got to explore Rome briefly before heading home. 

Holly & Richard, thank you for letting me share your day - it was so fantastic to be a part of and I felt so welcome.  Hope you are having a marvellous honeymoon!  Lots of love xxx

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Ciara & Gerard's beautiful wedding in Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy

I had been looking forward to this wedding for months, I knew it was gong to be something special and boy, was it.  The incredible setting... 'twinkle town' Santa Maria di Castellabate, the bloody wonderful people... Ciara & Gerard and their friends and family, and the one and only Julie from My Secret Italy...  effortlessly (although I know how hard she works) waving her magic wand over everything, creating the most perfect day.  

We did a quick whistle-stop sunset shoot the night before the wedding, driving around Santa Maria in, frankly, the best car ever... cue PDAs, puddles and pissing off a couple of locals when we stopped in a side street briefly (had to be done though Gerard!). 

The day was amazing... starting with a proper wet shave for the boys with the most Italian looking (and possible ex porn star) dude ever, prep with Ciara (the calmest bride I've ever known!) and the girls, being led through the streets by a mandolin and guitar player, climbing the tower for a ceremony with the most spectacular views, all the readings from family members/friends, LOADS of confetti, delicious gelato from local legend 'Baffo', locals-a-plenty (a few even had teeth) kissing the couple and wishing them well, a reception and party at the beach that was like something out of a movie (well, it reminded me of 50 First Dates anyway), an absolutely fantastic band, incredible fireworks, dancing, singing into beer bottles (YES) and a lot of laughter, tears and love. 

Ciara & Gerard - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with you both and your loved ones. It will always be very special to me and I hope you will always be able to remember how special it was for you when you look through the photos.  Speak soon guys, lots of love. xxxx

I am already missing Santa Maria.  Roll on September and The Secret Retreat workshop!

Julie & Emilie - the My Secret Italy dream team - THANK YOU for looking after me!  Love you both. xxxx       

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