We will open the book. Its pages are blank. The book is called 'Opportunity' and its first chapter is New Year's Day. ~ Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Welcome to the new blog!

I received this gorgeous leather notebook in the post from one of my Click Collective girls and it simply had a note on it 'I saw this and thought of you'.  It wasn't a Christmas gift, it wasn't a Secret Santa gift... it was a 'just because' gift.   What a lovely thing to do.  Thank you Vicki.   xxxxx

This is going to be my ongoing business planning/ideas and to-do list for 2012... I'm certain it will be better than endless pop up reminders on my Google calendar and notes scribbled on whatever paper is to hand.  The first and only thing on the list currently.... (it IS New Year's Day.... I do have a bit of a hangover)  is....

So I'll be able to cross that off the list when I hit publish.  That will feel good. And then I can get busy filling it up....   I'd love your feedback on the new blog.  Hopefully it's much easier to find your way around and the photos are nice and clear.

2011 was a really great year for the business... I made the decision to start doing weddings back in June and can honestly say I haven't looked back since.  I loved them all.  Prior to that I'd done weddings but never really advertised the fact.  As soon as I 'went public' I got a booking for a 2013 wedding at a breathtaking castle in Scotland for the most adorable couple ever.  Amazing.  I have got to know so many couples and made new friends, despite the fact I haven't even met some of them yet.  Gotta love the internet.

I'm blessed to have had such fantastic couples book me because they love my work and I have all of their wonderfully unique weddings to look forward to - a small wedding with afternoon tea at a little tea shop on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey, to a super chic Ascot wedding and a wedding in one of my favourite places on earth... New York City.  It's exciting as all hell and I'm itching to get started in February.

This is also the year I get to celebrate my first official wedding anniversary - on Leap Day.  :)

I have a good feeling about 2012.... a very very Happy New Year to you all.  I hope it brings you everything you wish for.   I will leave you with some of my favourites from 2011.