Peace & Love... a surprise movie premiere at Woolton Picture House - Karen & Lee

So as days go, today was pretty incredible.  Danny and the Papertwin team and Sophie & Laura and the Strange Case Collective team organised a very special surprise for Karen & Lee who you may remember got married back in June. Under the pretence of taking them for breakfast before seeing their wedding video, Danny & Sophie met them at the cafe and immediately ordered them into a waiting black cab which whisked them round to the Woolton Picture House, a beautiful art deco cinema.  The taxi pulled up and outside were their nearest & dearest on the steps (and some famous faces on the walls...).  They were literally speechless.  And if you know Karen & Lee you'll know that's a very rare thing indeed.

From there on in there were MANY tears.  Mine included.  The film was perfect.  And there was cake - a magnificent fruit covered sparkly cake made by Laura's Little Bakery.

It was such a fantastic thing to be a part of, well done Papertwin & Strange Case.  You did GOOD.  Love to you and to the wonderful Mr & Mrs Williams.  Here's a little taster...