Tipi wedding at The Bells of Peover, Cheshire - Helen & Adam sneak previews

I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet just tell you a little about Friday's wedding... the beautiful church and Bells of Peover pub right next door are picture postcard beautiful.  The torrential downpours forecast all day only arrived once Helen was safely in the church and stopped right before she and Adam came out, making way for sunshine all afternoon.   The best part was the huge clap of thunder right after Helen said "I will".  Hence the laughter (although there was plenty of it during the ceremony - thanks to the brilliant vicar). All this plus a really lovely group of people and an amazing couple who I hadn't even had chance to meet until the day itself but it didn't matter one jot.  They were so relaxed and intent on having the BEST time.  As it should be!  Helen & Adam - here are your previews and I will catch up with you once you return from your honeymoon! xxx