Childhood sweethearts Kelly & Lee's village hall wedding - Saddleworth, Greater Manchester

So my second wedding of last weekend was Kelly & Lee's.  I first met Kelly about 6 years ago when I photographed the twins, Darcey and Lucas, who were just about walking.  Seeing those photographs up on the walls made me feel a little old (!) but also incredibly proud of how far I've come since those days of working every weekend and doing a full time day job.  Not THAT much has changed as far as the hours go, come to think of it, but my boss now is way less of a dick. ;-)

Anyway, the thing I remember most about Friday was just how incredibly happy and smiley Kelly & Lee were.... it was infectious.  These guys are chilldhood sweethearts and have been together already for 20 years.  They met at a local playground so it seemed fitting that we ended up on the playing field at the back of the village hall! 

From Kelly's grand entrance with the bridesmaids in vintage American army jeeps complete with outriders and sirens (AMAZING) to the transformation of the village hall by the ever wonderful Saddleworth Shindigs, it was an absolute honour to be a part of. 

I hope you have had an incredible honeymoon in Barcelona guys!  Enjoy these previews. xxx

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Mitton Hall Hotel wedding - Heather & Damian sneak previews

What a way to end an incredible year...  Heather & Damian... wow.  Brilliant wedding, stunning venue, great people.  I hope you had the time of your lives.  Happy New Year, new life, new family... all of it.  Here are your sneak previews.  xxxx

A sunny winter Sandhole Oak Barn wedding - Julie & Dom

Finally... the first of many 2013 nuptials hits the blog,... and in serious style.  This is VERY popular wedding.  It was featured over on the fabulous Rock My Wedding and as if that wasn't exciting enough, you can now find it gracing the pages of the latest issue of Wedding magazine, out today!   So needless to say this is really an extra special one for me.  : )

I also had the amazing Jay Mountford second shooting, one of my BFFs and all round brilliant person and photographer.  Some of Jay's shots are included below and her favourites can be found on her blog.  THANK YOU JAY!  xxx

So Julie & Dom got married in February this year, on a perfect winter's day... with considerably less snow than on their engagement shoot and a beautiful sunset to boot.  It was really more like a spring day and Julie's flowers certainly screamed SPRING.  Beautiful blooms lady!  In fact beautiful everything.... a stunning one-of-a-kind dress, fabulous yellow shoes, lush bridesmaids dresses, delicious details and dapper suits for Dom and the boys.   The vinyl records table plan is I think my favourite to date.... a Fraggle Rock table for heaven's sake!

These guys are such a great couple, just up for fun all the time and so perfect for one another...  I have to admit to shedding a tear during the speeches. both from laughter at Julie's nephews amazing rap, and happy tears at the thought of the two of them heading off just a few weeks after the wedding to start their new life in New York City.  Jealous much?   I get regular messages popping up from Julie telling me how she's just off for a coffee and morning stroll through Central Park.... I could not be happier for you both, seriously.  Be seeing you out there for your 1 year anniversary shoot, yes?  ;-)

Huge congratulations, much love and every success for you both in your new jobs and life in the big apple.  xxxxx

Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (EWE)

I found out about the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (EWE) from my buddy Jay Mountford who went last year.  I was blown away when I saw her photos, not just because they were fabulous but because it was such an amazing wedding event... a far cry from any wedding 'fayre' I'd ever been to.  Anyway Jay was going back this year because she loves it but also because the EWE team asked her to be the official event photographer. Pretty cool huh? : )   You can see her sneak previews here: Jay Mountford Photography - Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza. So I headed down to Birmingham through the blizzards and became one of the many 'mother flockers' who attended.  And of course I took my camera along so I could share all the wondrousness with my lovely brides and grooms to be!

At the end of the day Jay did a shoot with all the models and the incredible dresses and I was helping out however I could but had to jump in and grab a few shots when the turquoise dress appeared because well... I'm obsessed with turquoise and the model was totally rocking it.

And yes.  That is a cake covered in meat.

You can find all of the EWE suppliers HERE.

The Ashes wedding, Staffordshire - Charlotte & Rob sneak previews

A vintage lace dress to die for, bow ties, tweed, pie & mash, a beautiful barn and the groom rocking out with his band.  Not really sure what else can I say about yesterday's wedding that will do it justice...  so I'll just let these preview shots do the talking. Charlotte & Rob it was a total pleasure... you, your amazing family and friends treated me like one of their own and at the end of the night I just didn't want to leave, despite the aching feet!  Love you guys.  Have an amazing honeymoon and I can't wait to catch up again when you're visiting your folks. xxxx