A sunny winter Sandhole Oak Barn wedding - Julie & Dom

Finally... the first of many 2013 nuptials hits the blog,... and in serious style.  This is VERY popular wedding.  It was featured over on the fabulous Rock My Wedding and as if that wasn't exciting enough, you can now find it gracing the pages of the latest issue of Wedding magazine, out today!   So needless to say this is really an extra special one for me.  : )

I also had the amazing Jay Mountford second shooting, one of my BFFs and all round brilliant person and photographer.  Some of Jay's shots are included below and her favourites can be found on her blog.  THANK YOU JAY!  xxx

So Julie & Dom got married in February this year, on a perfect winter's day... with considerably less snow than on their engagement shoot and a beautiful sunset to boot.  It was really more like a spring day and Julie's flowers certainly screamed SPRING.  Beautiful blooms lady!  In fact beautiful everything.... a stunning one-of-a-kind dress, fabulous yellow shoes, lush bridesmaids dresses, delicious details and dapper suits for Dom and the boys.   The vinyl records table plan is I think my favourite to date.... a Fraggle Rock table for heaven's sake!

These guys are such a great couple, just up for fun all the time and so perfect for one another...  I have to admit to shedding a tear during the speeches. both from laughter at Julie's nephews amazing rap, and happy tears at the thought of the two of them heading off just a few weeks after the wedding to start their new life in New York City.  Jealous much?   I get regular messages popping up from Julie telling me how she's just off for a coffee and morning stroll through Central Park.... I could not be happier for you both, seriously.  Be seeing you out there for your 1 year anniversary shoot, yes?  ;-)

Huge congratulations, much love and every success for you both in your new jobs and life in the big apple.  xxxxx

A golden hour engagement shoot - Kerry & Jon sneak previews

Us photographers here in the UK are always harping on about 'the light' we see in other photographers work... those in Australia or some parts of America... those blessed with beautiful light for most of the year.  So when we get a sunny spell here (known as summer) it's only natural that we take full advantage! One evening last week I met up with Kerry & Jon and the gorgeous Caitlin for a family style engagement shoot all around the beautiful village of Malpas.  Oh and Harry the Tibetan terrier came along too... and stole my heart.

Here are just a few preview shots... I can't wait for the wedding, shame it's still over a year away!  Kerry.... breathe.... ;-) xxxx

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place...

...where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”  ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

Children's photographer Chester

Ok I'm remaining positive... summer may be over but we did have some good days and for me, there aren't many things better than a summer's evening.

Visiting new places, meeting friends (old and new) and drinking icy cold wine are also up there.  Oh and taking photos, of course.  Lots of photos.  So to get the chance to do it all over one beautiful summer's weekend in South Wales was just sheer perfection.

The weekend was organised by my good friend and Cardiff children's photographer Sarah Thomas, a fellow member of the Click Collective.  The 'CC' is a group of female photographers from all over the UK.  We found each other at different times, in different ways although mostly via Flickr/Facebook/Twitter and eventually we all got introduced and became firm friends.

Six of us headed down to Cardiff.  Sarah got in touch with some of her past clients, with friends and even her son's teacher (the very beautiful pregnant lady) and organised a series of shoots over 2 days.  We started in a natural light studio setting which is something quite new to me.  Just look at our models though... I mean they really couldn't have been any cuter.


It was so much fun but if I'm 100% honest, I still prefer shooting on location... discovery somewhere often totally new... the freedom it gives you to explore... that's all part of the magic for me. Needless to say the late afternoon shoot that Sarah had planned.... in a meadow... with props galore... a picnic... and a group of totally gorgeous, amazingly well behaved and cooperative kids... was pretty much my idea of photoshoot heaven!


I will admit to being a little overwhelmed at first... there was too much choice.  There were so many sweet spots in that field and so many children to photograph I didn't know where to start and with whom! However, start I did.  And once I got going, I was in my happy zone.  We were there until 9pm, until the last bit of sun ducked down behind the trees.  We didn't waste a single drop of sunshine.  (This is why I harp on about late afternoon shoots... just look at the light!)


The next day we headed for a very quick shoot at Penarth, along (and under) the beautiful Victorian pier.  Another family kindly volunteered their time for us to grab some beautiful portraits.


Thank you so much to all the families who gave up their time, to the amazing kids who were ALL fabulous, to my CC girls for being, well... just brilliant fun and such an inspiration and especially to Sarah for organising everything, putting us up, feeding us and offering such a lovely warm Welsh welcome! xxx