Flamingos, pizza, cocktails and ALL the pretty... Iscoyd Park wedding - Helen & Craig

Smoking hot couple alert.  Craig (to me): I'm really not photogenic.  Me: hahahaaaaa.  (That jawline though!)

When your bride is a former model and very happy in front of a camera... and your groom is quite shy... and definitely less comfortable in front of a camera... and very nervous about his speech... which he then does and totally NAILS IT because he writes a poem for his bride (I got the impression this was quite out of character).... and it makes her, and everyone else cry.  That.

Helen & Craig got hitched in some serious style at one of my favourite venues, Iscoyd Park... the details were to die for from the paper tassles and pompoms to the beautiful cake, the cocktails and special bar for their cocktail hour.  Helen's dress (Atelier Pronovias) and bespoke veil (Emma Beaumont) were just incredible.  

Thanks to my gorgeous friend, Sarah from Sarah Janes Photography for second shooting.  It was amazing working with you as always. <3   Great to work with the Papertwin Weddings boys again too. :)

Helen & Craig - I loved being part of your day!  It was wonderful.  Thanks for the top notch food!  Hope you enjoy these previews and are having an amazing honeymoon.  Catch up when you'e back.  Lots of love. xxx

Village fete style wedding, Gladstone's Library, North Wales - Lucy & Phil sneak previews

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness -  William Ewart Gladstone

Quirky_marquee_wedding_North_Wales_Chester (35)

It's hard to really put into words how incredible Saturday was... I have probably never laughed or cried so much.  The ceremony was lead by Lucy's Godmother (and quite possibly the first female Bishop to perform a marriage ceremony in Great Britain) and that fact, along with the hauntingly beautiful choir from Lucy's school made it incredibly moving.  Both me and my second shooter, none other than the fabulous Andrea Ellison, were a bit of a mess by the end, along with most of the guests.

Then there was the location of the village fete style wedding reception - Gladstone's Library.  Somewhere less than a few miles from where I grew up and yet had never been, until Saturday.  And somewhere that Lucy was lucky enough to grow up and call home (well, the house in the grounds).

There were so many wonderful details... the bright coloured hand-cut confetti made by the beautiful bridesmaids, the little bags of bread given out to everyone so they could feed the ducks at the pond just round the corner from the church, the black cabs as wedding cars (best ever in my book), all the village fete style games (hook a duck, splat the rat, tin can alley, lucky dip, skittles, hula hoops), the handmade origami cranes, pom-poms, pies, a cake of cheese and a bouncy castle... I could go on.   OH... and an awesome flash-mob first dance to Farrell's 'Happy'.

And finally, the people.  Every last one.  I bumped into Judith, a dear friend to my Mum before she passed away, and someone I've not seen in over 20 years.  Also Carol the lovely Cheshire registrar was there on a rare Saturday off - and I once again told her that she married me & Mr P.  Apologies Carol!  : )   And of course the rest of the friends and family - all totally brilliant.  I would in fact like to steal all of Lucy & Phil's friends but in particular the bridesmaids who just made me smile all day long.  Oh and for Helen (Lucy's Mum) to please adopt me.

Which just leaves Lucy & Phil... two of the most chilled out, warm, lovely and fun people you could ever wish to meet.  This was without doubt one of my favourite weddings because of... well... everything.  So, THANK YOU both for choosing me to be your photographer.   I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon, enjoy these previews and we'll catch up soon.  Lots of love guys.  xxxx

Lakeside marquee wedding, Thornton Manor - Tasha & Danny

That is the face of a bride who cannot believe the sun came out.  My face was much the same.  It had not stopped raining all day and during Tasha & Danny's ceremony it was so loud I could hardly hear the registrar when I was standing right behind her!  But it did stop.... and made way for the most glorious afternoon and evening sunshine, perfect. 

I first met Tasha & Danny at a wedding back in 2014 which meant there were lots of familiar friendly faces and it was lovely to catch up with Sarah & Jamie again too.  These two have such an amazing group of friends and Andy's best man speech had every one of them (and the rest of the guests) in tears.   It was funny and moving and perfect.  He then finished off with a life size cardboard cutout of 'Sharpy' (or is it Sharpie?) sporting some pink budgie smugglers and a matching swimming hat.  Ahhhh stag do 'bantz'.  

My partner in crime on the day was Nicola - one half of Icon Photography - and I want to say a big thank you to her for being bloody marvellous.  <3

Tasha & Danny... I hope you are having a lovely minimoon and you have your towels out on the loungers.  I had such a wonderful day with you both.  Enjoy these previews! xxx

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Tipi wedding at The Bells of Peover, Cheshire - Helen & Adam sneak previews

I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet just tell you a little about Friday's wedding... the beautiful church and Bells of Peover pub right next door are picture postcard beautiful.  The torrential downpours forecast all day only arrived once Helen was safely in the church and stopped right before she and Adam came out, making way for sunshine all afternoon.   The best part was the huge clap of thunder right after Helen said "I will".  Hence the laughter (although there was plenty of it during the ceremony - thanks to the brilliant vicar). All this plus a really lovely group of people and an amazing couple who I hadn't even had chance to meet until the day itself but it didn't matter one jot.  They were so relaxed and intent on having the BEST time.  As it should be!  Helen & Adam - here are your previews and I will catch up with you once you return from your honeymoon! xxx


Oddfellows wedding, Chester - Sarah & Jamie sneak previews

Sarah & Jamie clearly have connections to old Mother Nature because Friday was VERY grey and VERY wet.  And their wedding could not have been more perfect! The stunning dress, the Jimmy Choos, a big red bus, the boys in blue, a cake of two sides, a raging debate that went on for hours (who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? - I don't know if it ever got settled), classic literature, a cute library card table plan and the best bride & groom cushions ever. Fact.

Mr & Mrs Bates, thank you for having me along, it was a wonderful day with a top bunch of people and I hope everyone stopped crying eventually.  Totes emosh!   Lots of love, enjoy these previews and catch up when you're back from mini moon. xxxx