Sunny Salford engagement shoot - Nathalie & Dan

So I recently met up with Nathalie & Dan in Salford for their engagement shoot and was delighted that the sun was shining... in fact I've only been to Manchester twice this year and both times it's been beautiful weather.  Luck or judgement?  : ) Anyway Nat & Dan wanted to do the shoot in their hometown and because they are big cinema-goers we headed straight for the old Salford Cinema.  Their very first date was a trip to the cinema to see Bruce Almighty...  in case you were wondering why a cinema that shut down years ago was showing a Jim Carey movie on the day we were there.  : )   I REALLY wish we could have gone inside!  It's such a beautiful building but it's in a tricky location - I had to stand in the middle of a busy road for a few of the shots - all in the name of art!

We wandered around Salford, made a pit stop at a lovely traditional pub for a drink in the sunshine and a chat about the big day in October... a lovely afternoon and we finished just in time for Dan to dash off and watch GB vs  Senegal at Old Trafford.  (Hope you made it Dan!)

It was a really nice change of scenery for me.  Hopefully these pictures show why you don't always have to go to a park or a beach - urban shoots can be very very cool too and are some of my favourites.

Thanks so much Nat & Dan for being such good fun - I can't wait for October and your beautiful wedding.  xxx   P.S. "Bananas!"