A stylish London wedding at Stoke Newington town hall and The Fable Bar & Restaurant (plus first look) - Helen & John

Where to begin... a first look at an idyllic park (or 'stagnant pond', as Helen described it to me!), an emotional ceremony at beautiful Stoke Newington town hall, a Winnie The Pooh reading complete with actual Piglet, a bronze brownie stack 'cake' lovingly made by Helen's mum (animals too), the best penguin wedding outfit I've seen, the most beautiful DIY flowers (purchased by Helen and her squad at 5am on Thursday morning), cocktails, tequila, a brilliant speech by the bride and some pretty epic dance moves. 

Not to mention the hair envy I had all day and the beautiful Jenny Packham dress - I'm a sucker for a beaded JP frock.  This wedding was just sheer perfection... unfussy, relaxed, sentimental and really beautiful with good food and excellent company. 

Thank you to the amazing Samantha Kay Photography for being my second shooter and keeping me company in London town.  xxx

And to Helen & John... thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, for being so wonderfully relaxed on the day and making my job a total pleasure (and way too easy!).  Have an incredible honeymoon! Now get packing! xxx

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