A creative, rustic North Hidden Barn wedding in Hungerford, Berkshire - Chloe & Tom

Wow.  I still feel a little emotional looking at these.  I often shed a little tear at a wedding, I can't help it... however I had no idea whether any of these ceremony photos were actually in focus because I literally couldn't see for tears!  (Autofocus FTW)

It was the emotion on Tom's face as he saw Chloe standing in the sunshine with her mum... it was the wonderful humanist ceremony conducted by a very close family friend... it was the vows they had written themselves that held so much meaning... it was the heartfelt speeches... the utterly brilliant family & friends and more than anything it was love between Chloe & Tom.  Apparent for all to see and so incredibly beautiful. 

Everything was just perfect.  From Chloe's amazing Charlie Brear dress, Tom's glorious blue suit, the stylish decor (Tom made a lot of it including the amazing outdoor bar!), font table names (LOVED), the fabulous band and their most excellent drummer (Tom's Dad) and a feast of St Louis BBQ short ribs, beef strip loin, beautiful artisan salads and an incredible dessert table.

Chloe & Tom... I absolutely loved it and I KNOW you both did.  Thank you.  I hope these capture the day as you remember it. Happy 'legal ceremony day' tomorrow and have an incredible honeymoon!  xxx

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