(Cheshire Wedding Photographer) Sue & Chris are getting married

"He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time" ~ Storypeople

Cheshire wedding photographer

I'm certain Chris loves Susanne for entirely everything she is... now that he has, I hope, forgiven her for an incident she had in his car... aka his pride and joy... involving a medium sized rock...  and I KNOW she intends on letting him stay.  For good.  :)  Sue and I first met when she bought a New York calendar from me and I hand delivered it... (new ones will be out in a few months!).

We then met at Jo Rutherford Photography's amazing 'Photo Camp' back in February and are now members of The Click Collective, a small online group of female togs from all over the UK who encourage and support one another, talk shop and generally have a riot in the process.  It's my go-to place on the internet... a wonderful gaggle of like-minded girls (helloooo CC!).

I'm waffling.  Anyway.... another mutual friend of ours (and one of my photography BFF's) Andrea Ellison Photography asked me to help shoot Chris & Sue's wedding and tag along for their pre-wedding shoot as well... so of course, I was there like a shot.  No pun intended.

I LOVE working with Andrea... we just gel, we laugh, we bounce ideas off one another and I'm so pleased that she's offered to help with one of my weddings in September.  :)   It also fascinates me to see the end results and how we capture such different images.

Sue and Chris... thank you for having me along for the ride!  You two are SO right together and it was my absolute pleasure.  xxx   (Now to get your wedding blog prepared...!)


Chris claims he didn't see the 'Stop Thief' sign.... so I felt it was my duty to point it out... because I so wanted to shoot their wedding, and not at the local prison...