A titanic Liverpool wedding - Leonie & Dan

I first met Dan in 2010 when he modelled for me at a photography event - in a field wearing just his jeans and a cowboy hat.  That turned out to be Leonie's favourite photo of Dan - more to do with his six pack and rugged good looks than my early photography skills I'm sure! 

Anyway, when they got engaged I was chuffed to get a call asking me to shoot their wedding.  We met up in Chester and I got to meet the beautiful Leonie for the first time, and of course the main man... Ghengis... their gorgeous French bulldog (who you may spot).  :) 

Fast forward to the wedding, a wonderful day with perfect October weather, love, huge grins, a giant bourbon biscuit, a broken down bus and me stuck in the front of the wedding car because the door wouldn't unlock! 

(With just 10 minutes to spare for portraits I had to start shooting from inside the car - image above - before handing the cameras to Dan so I could shimmy over the drivers side to escape. All in a day's work!). 

Thanks to the lovely Cassandra Lane for shooting with me on the day. <3Always a pleasure my dear!

Leonie & Dan - I hope you are having an amazing honeymoon... thanks for whizzing around so many different locations in such a short space of time (!) and for generally being a dream to work with.  Catch up when you get back. Lots of love xxx

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