Crosby Hall farm wedding, Liverpool - Philippa & Stephen sneak previews

Let's face it, a wedding is not complete without your very own Manneken Pis and the bride tweaking another man's nipple.  Well, ok just Saturday's wedding then. There was a beautiful church with the loveliest vicar ever, Crosby beach and the Anthony Gormley statues, Crosby Hall (Educational Trust) which is an old farm and then an impromptu dash off in my car to a cornfield although sadly the sun was hiding behind some trees.  It didn't matter... Pip & Stephen were up for anything and it was just such a pleasure to shoot their wedding.  These are two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, I am so incredibly happy for them and Pip said to me before leaving that I should now consider myself a friend for life.  : )

Have the most amazing honeymoon guys and we'll catch up when you're back so I can hear all about it. Lots of love. xxxx

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