Colshaw Hall wedding, Cheshire - Sarah & Alex

Sarah & Alex's wedding was wonderful... apart from the fact that they'd chosen a beautiful venue and church (with quite possibly the nicest and jolliest vicar EVER), it was a day full to the brim with laughter.  Non stop. 

There were cute kids everywhere who had the best children's entertainer through dinner - so much so that quite a few adults started appearing and they weren't at all disappointed ("Did you go to the beach Jack? Yes?! Did your mum catch crabs?"... she was brilliant!).  

Throw in a gorgeous bright orange VW camper, a double decker that went AWOL to Tatton Park with half of the guests on (!), the most exquisite flowers and centrepieces and light up letters & fairy lights EVERYWHERE.  Fantastic. 

Guys, I hope you have had a wonderful honeymoon.  Thanks for letting me share your day and thank you for being patient waiting for these previews!  Lots of love and catch up soon. xxxx

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