Chester Zoo Oakfield House Wedding - Jill & Paul

A few weeks back I got the chance to second shoot with my buddy Andrea Ellison again... a wedding at Chester Zoo... how could I turn that down! Chester Zoo Wedding

Jill & Paul's wedding was a delight from start to finish... Jill's stunning teal Audrey Hepburn inspired dress and hat.... Paul and his fellow serving and ex-serving Air Force pals all kitted out in their uniforms.... the little yellow Consul car.... the sun shining (against the weatherman's better judgement).... the guests having their faces painted and not just the kids.... the staff at Chester Zoo who were fantastic.... and the incredible jazz quartet (you may have seen them on Shameless, if not you can see here).... I will always remember hearing them play "You are my sunshine" and seeing guests singing and dancing on the terrace outside Oakfield House.

So, here are some of my images of the day.  Jill & Paul, congratulations... I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. Andrea, thank you - I loved working with you again, but you knew that already.