2013: a year of firsts....

Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention luck are kidding themselves. ~ Larry King

I have been VERY lucky.  Last year was an incredibly busy one and whilst I DID work my butt off, lady luck was definitely helping me along.  : )

It was a year of some pretty huge 'firsts' for me....my first ever published wedding in 'Wedding' magazine;  my first real wedding features on Rock My Wedding, Rock and Roll Bride AND Love My Dress;  my first nomination for the Wedding Industry Awards 'Best Photographer' which gained me a Regional Finalist shortlist spot and some incredible feedback from my couples; and my first 'destination' wedding in Ireland (if that counts!) followed by another in France which also meant my first time driving a left hand drive car - scary times.

So yes... an absolutely mind blowing year for the business but a tough year in many other ways.  Some days it's still hard to believe I pulled it off!  But I did and now I'm excited and looking forward to this new year.  I have reached and passed my target for the year with so many incredible weddings & awesome couples booked in and I've still managed to organise my time wisely so I get some weekends off to catch my breath, have a lie in and spend time with my husband (and the new hound!).

Anyway, I won't harp on but THANK YOU to my wonderful husband and incredible friends & family who listen. love and generally put up with me, to all my sha-mazing friends in the wedding industry (Clickers, Baconeers, Guilders, Light Loungers) and my brilliant brilliant couples both those from 2013 who quite frankly rocked the SHIT out of their weddings and those for 2014/15 who I trust will do the same!

Here are some of my favourites.  I'd get comfy if I were you, you're going to be here a while.  Those that make it to the end, there's bottled water and those silver foil coat thingies...

Featured! Julie & Dom in Wedding magazine

The latest issue of Wedding magazine is out and I'm a wee bit chuffed that Julie & Dom's beautiful Sandhole Oak Barn wedding is featured!  You can see more photos from their day here including more of their fabulous retro vinyl table plan!  Also you can see the balloon release in all it's glory here.

A sunny winter Sandhole Oak Barn wedding - Julie & Dom

Finally... the first of many 2013 nuptials hits the blog,... and in serious style.  This is VERY popular wedding.  It was featured over on the fabulous Rock My Wedding and as if that wasn't exciting enough, you can now find it gracing the pages of the latest issue of Wedding magazine, out today!   So needless to say this is really an extra special one for me.  : )

I also had the amazing Jay Mountford second shooting, one of my BFFs and all round brilliant person and photographer.  Some of Jay's shots are included below and her favourites can be found on her blog.  THANK YOU JAY!  xxx

So Julie & Dom got married in February this year, on a perfect winter's day... with considerably less snow than on their engagement shoot and a beautiful sunset to boot.  It was really more like a spring day and Julie's flowers certainly screamed SPRING.  Beautiful blooms lady!  In fact beautiful everything.... a stunning one-of-a-kind dress, fabulous yellow shoes, lush bridesmaids dresses, delicious details and dapper suits for Dom and the boys.   The vinyl records table plan is I think my favourite to date.... a Fraggle Rock table for heaven's sake!

These guys are such a great couple, just up for fun all the time and so perfect for one another...  I have to admit to shedding a tear during the speeches. both from laughter at Julie's nephews amazing rap, and happy tears at the thought of the two of them heading off just a few weeks after the wedding to start their new life in New York City.  Jealous much?   I get regular messages popping up from Julie telling me how she's just off for a coffee and morning stroll through Central Park.... I could not be happier for you both, seriously.  Be seeing you out there for your 1 year anniversary shoot, yes?  ;-)

Huge congratulations, much love and every success for you both in your new jobs and life in the big apple.  xxxxx

Sandhole Oak Barn wedding: Julie & Dom sneak previews

"Remember, always be BADASS, no excuses" What a day...  it really couldn't have been more perfect weather wise... and despite a few minor hiccups like missing flowers and a wardobe malfunction... Julie and Dom had the most incredible wedding.  I know this because of the huge grins fixed on their faces the entire day.

The DIY details were stunning, the balloon release was brilliant and the team at Sandhole could not have been more lovely.  It was an absolute blast.

Have an amazing honeymoon guys, you deserve it.  Here are some sneak previews to keep you going.... xxxxx