Barcelona travel photography

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend away with my best friend.  She lives in Holland and we don't see each other as often as we'd like so we decided to have a girls weekend away and meet somewhere (sort of) in the middle.  Our first time travelling together since Australia many moons ago! It was SO good to have time to catch up properly.   We drank wine, we ate tapas and churros, we froze our butts off on the top of a bus and we laughed lots.  Love you Abby. 

Unlike Prague a few weeks back I DID take a camera this time and boy am I glad I did.  We were only there for two days and we probably could have fitted a lot more in but we also wanted it to be relaxing so found a balance.  And besides, anything we missed means it is a good excuse to go back one day. 

So here you have a few photos - some taken from the top of a bus (frustrating), Mercat de Boqueria, some bits of the old town and Catalan Cathedral square and the bits I was most happy to see... Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia which nothing had prepared me for. The minute I walked in and saw the sun streaming through the incredible stained glass windows I got really emotional.  I wandered around for two hours just taking photos and staring at everything in sheer wonder.  

Barcelona, I will return!