Astrophotography.... Venus & Jupiter

Ok so I'm fascinated by astronomy and so is my husband.  Last night we ventured out, me with my camera and him with his telescope, into the countryside away from all the yucky orange street lamps.  We could see Venus and Jupiter from our house but wanted to see Mars. It wasn't a huge success... it was a bit of a last minute decision... I went without my tripod so had to use the roof of the car; we hadn't really thought about how we were going to find Mars (and didn't - apparently it was behind us!) and then hubbo's tripod actually broke.  Anyway, we found a great spot so we just sat for a while, taking it all in.  Thanks to Patrick Moore's book we were able to spot Sirius... a very bright, super twinkly star that seems to change colours... AMAZING.  Seriously, that blew my mind!!

Anyway this was my first attempt so it's not great but I'm happy with it.   I give you the moon, Venus and Jupiter.  : )     We're heading out next week in search of Mars again!