Amy & Karl's sunshine & sunflowers Chester wedding

What a day!  Things don't always go to plan (like the M56 being closed) but there's ALWAYS a solution.  Let's just say I can add 'wedding chauffeur' to my CV.  :)  And after a mini (ish) panic Amy was soon smiling again!  

The weather could not have been more perfect on Saturday and with sunflowers everywhere it was very fitting indeed.  Amy and Karl had a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by a Zoroastrian blessing which involved them throwing rice at one another to see who will be the dominant one in the household.  They are both convinced they were first!

Anyway I'm keeping it short and sweet because I know they are waiting eagerly to see these and I have a dog who won't walk himself!

Guys... thank you for being so easy and wonderful to work with.  You are bloody NATURALS in front of the camera and so so adorable together.  I hope you like these previews!!  Lots of love. xxxxx