A relaxed wedding on the Thames - Islington Town Hall & The Oyster Shed, London - Jess & Joe

I do really love a good London wedding and Jess & Joe's day was perfect. Almost as perfect as that gold sequined jacket. Almost. 

I'd met up with Jess when I was in London a few months before but Joe couldn't make it as he was a little hungover after his stag do.  To be expected... and having heard the details in his brother's speech I think it was for the best. :)  

The day was exactly as they had planned... no fuss, no rules... just a stylish venue, good food, their friends and family surrounding them and a great party.  And it really was.  

Jess & Joe... I hope you are having an incredible honeymoon.  Thank you for letting me share your wonderful day!  Jess I'm now searching endlessly for a sequined jacket!  And Joe, I love your dancing faces.  xxx

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