A DIY family farm wedding in Porlock, Somerset - Aggie & Pat

When Aggie & Pat first got in touch to tell me about their wedding I knew it was going to be a really wonderful day but it surpassed even my expectations.  I fell in love with Porlock, with these two gorgeous humans and with their friends and family who were so welcoming.  I just became one of the gang. 

From the morning chaos right through to the hog roast and brilliant band, you were never more than 30 seconds away from full on belly laughter, adorable children or a tankard of local ale/cider (ok the drink was AFTER the ceremony).

Everyone chipped in... fetching & carrying, decorating the barn & farmhouse, preparing food, serving drinks and even making their own dresses in the case of the fabulous bridesmaids! 

Aggie & Pat... your concerns that you are both 'very awkward' in front of a camera have hopefully now been allayed!  Thank you for letting me whisk you both off to Porlock Weir after dinner for a little time out, for hopping over the rocks in your heels (Aggie!) like a very nimble mountain goat and for letting me be a part of what has been (and I suspect will be) one of my favourite days 'work', it was a really special day. Lots of love. xxxx