A beautiful English garden wedding at Caswell House in the Cotswolds - Rachael & Davie

Do you know, I don't think I've ever seen a happier bride than Rachael was on Thursday.  She did not stop grinning, smiling and laughing the entire day... absolutely radiant with her Brigitte Bardot looks.  And Davie too (also smiley/grinny - he looks nothing like Brigitte Bardot)... these are two wonderful people and I am so thankful that they found me all the way from Australia and I was the one who got to capture the fun, madness and beauty of their day.  

Caswell House is an absolutely stunning venue which genuinely has the feel of a French chateau or Italian palazzo about it... yet right here in the heart of England.  Add to that the incredible hot weather that day - temperatures that Rachael & Davie feel much more at home in (living in Perth) than the -2 degrees and frozen noses of the pre wedding shoot - and I kept having to tell myself we were in the UK.

I loved Rachael's beautiful dress with a hint of blush, the cake, that table plan, Rachael thinking I was telling her to head in a field of bulls (and almost doing it!) and the utter mayhem and madness of the wedding breakfast with the inimitable Howard Wing.

Guys, thank you for being such good fun and for a bloody brilliant day.  I hope your faces have stopped aching. :)    Enjoy Scotland, safe travels when you head home and keep in touch.  Lots of love xxx

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